China now use drones to monitor traffic violations

Drones for traffic regulations in ChinaDrones for traffic regulations in China

Drones are being used to detect traffic violations in the City of Jinan, Capital of East China’s Shandong Province, according to Beijing Youth Daily on Wednesday.

The four drones started on Tuesday and are assisting traffic police.

Equipped with high definition cameras, they discovered a total of five traffic violations within half an hour of starting.

They can monitor the illegal behaviour of drivers, such as using mobile phones and devices when driving, and take clear video footage.

The drones cover areas that fixed monitors cannot reach, helping collect evidence of traffic misconduct.

The drones started a test run in April, with total safe flying time amounting to over 200 hours, Jinan traffic police official Wei Jiliang said.

The drones are affected by weather and not used in the rain.


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