China: Setting Up a Web Presence in the World's Most Populous Nation


China represents a tremendous opportunity for online companies who can deliver a superior experience behind the "Great Firewall." Ecommerce sales in China are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020 and the $17.8 billion spent on Single's Day in 2016 dwarfs the $3.45 billion spent on the US equivalent, Cyber Monday. But digital experience management in China requires a different strategy.

This Ebook covers the challenges of setting up an online presence in China and practical tips for creating a monitoring strategy tailored to China to ensure smooth sailing once the site is live.

This Ebook on Performance in China:

• Stats and trends on the Chinese Market, including common myths
• Performance tips to achieve strong web performance in China
• Setting up a website performance monitoring strategy tailored to China
• Troubleshooting availability from China with Catchpoint