A Naija Guide to China

Have you ever been to China? Do you hope to visit the ‘Asian giant’ someday? Being one of the worlds potential superpowers with it’s impressive economic and political leaps in recent times, including an increasing presence in Africa, it is no surprise that China has become a viable tourist and trade destination for many Africans. Hence on Tuesday, when Sam Hart, a government official of Abia state shared photos and observations from his trip to China via a Twitter thread, Nigeria’s Twittersphere found it both interesting and insightful, and rightly so. Enjoy the thread below:

Sam Hart @hartng

A Thread of my observations from my travels to China to guide whoever is planning to visit. Disclaimer: I am no expert on China. Only been to 8 Cities in 4 visits. I am only sharing my own experience. Images mostly taken in Guangzhou, China. Lets go.
12:40 PM - Dec 12, 2017

Green Country. 1st thing you notice on arrival at any Chinese city is the deliberate attempt at greening perhaps to atone for their heavy carbon footprint. It's awesome sha.

Currency: Yuan or RMB. 1USD exchanged for 6.42RMB as at 10/12/17.

1RMB exchanges for N55.

All denominations 1,5,10,20,50,100 carry the face of Chairman Mao Zhedong.

This is the most common vehicle used for Taxis in Guangzhou. A 34.3Km Trip from the City Centre to the Airport cost 95RMB with additional 15RMB Toll Fee which passenger bears. Total: 110RMB x 55 = N6,050. Almost same as a Taxi drop from Lagos & Abuja Airports.

Language: Most shop attendants, restaurant waiters and hotel receptionists understand passable English. All the Taxis I've entered didn't understand a word of English. Have a Chinese translation of your destination and origin before you set out.

These Bicycles are parked by every street. For 1RMB, you scan QR Code to pay & unlock a bicycle and ride for blocks then park wherever you get to and it locks. Other forms are Taxi, Metro and the Subway all very affordable. Minimum Taxi fare is 10RMB.


Payment Options.

You could go weeks & months in China without holding physical cash. I've never seen a Chinese Bank Card either. Everyone pays from their phone. 2 prominent Mobile payment solution providers. Alipay by Alibaba & Wechat Pay by Tencent. You pay by scanning QR Code.


Most of their food are either Rice or Noodles based. Lots of Fowl choices. (Duck, Geese, Dove, etc). Average plate of food in a decent restaurant is 40RMB. You can get way less if you duck into quick noodle & soup joints. For as low as 15RMB.


The Nigerian Consulate in Guangzhou is at Grand Tower. 228 Tianhe Road, Tainhe Lu District. Phone: +862085219781


trust Nigerians This site is correct


http://www.nigeriaembassy.cn/    this is fake  http://beijing.ngembassy.org

Working hours:

Workers resume at 8am and break time is 12Noon to 2pm then close at 5pm. Shops are open until almost midnight. MacDonalds are open 24hrs


Decent hotels could be gotten for 300RMB (N16,500, $50) a night.

You can get lower and of course higher depending on your budget & comfort standards. Most hotels request for Passports of your guest. @Batarhe, Is this caution familiar?

Street Cleanliness: China takes pride in clean streets. Streets are swept round the clock by workers and washed with a Tanker spraying water twice a day. People litter trash appropriately

Every vehicle manufacturing company of note has a Production/Assembly Plant in different Chinese Cities. All international brands have Chinese names. Purists who insist on importing from overseas pay astronomical Import Duty for that luxury. I saw a Tesla, Lambos abound. Ferrari.

Cost of living.

Compared to The United States and Europe, cost of living is relatively cheap in China.

A portion of decent food in America is 30 - 40 USD = 256RMB. That is the cost of 6 portions of food in China and up to 10 portions if you eat on a budget.

Decent hotels in most American cities start from 150USD. Anything less is at your own risk. The Double Tree in Guangzhou is 268RMB/Night = 41USD which will get you 4 nights with your American budget. Ditto Transportation. Airport to downtown is 110RMB = $17. America $80 average.

Tea Culture.

The Chinese are big on Tea. They'll offer you office-brewed green tea in small cups and keep refilling it once you sip a little. God help your bladder afterwards. But it's healthy and medicinal. A detoxicant.

Nigerians mostly reside in an area known as Guayan Shi Lu (Chocolate City) and it could closely resemble Hillsborough in Joburg & inner City Black neighbourhoods in the US. Population is dense & violence & crime rate is very high. It is constantly raided by officials.

Marrying a Chinese is common among Nigerians but more for economic purposes than residence permit.Whoever you marry, you're still black bro. Most Nigerians who marry Chinese women make them partners in their business & the face of the business. Their Children are born Chinese tho

The Children are registered in the mother's name and are raised as Chinese.

The major legitimate enterprise of Nigerians in Guangzhou is wholesale exports. They load containers of goods in demand and ship to Nigeria regularly for resell. Every Nigerian in Guangzhou is also in the cargo shipping business. It's a surebanker business albeit in trickles.

80% of Nigerians in Guangzhou are illegal immigrants. They came in through Francophone countries bearing the Passport and names of citizens of those countries. There are a lot of Emekas who's Passport read Jaques Ngumane & such. Layers of syndicates exist for the racket.

For illegitimate enterprise which they again, dominate, their major gambit is interception of online transactions (online trade fraud) and the usual drugs. 700 Nigerians are awaiting processing in various Chinese Prisons. No one steps forward for them when they are arrested


And the Tallest Nigerian in China is Well ... A Student and Of course An Ibo man

Meet Chimdindu Okpala, the CEO of airinformations.com who is also a goliant in Nigeria. Standing at a height of 7 foot and a few inches. grin grin
He is a Student at Hon Kong, China.

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