Officials say Meng Hongwei is suspected of taking bribes. His case has the smell of politics
Randy Huntington says Chinese athletics is at start of a ‘cultural change’ as it as it shifts from the Liu Xiang era to become a world power


Ever since opening its doors to the world in the 70’s, China has experienced a period of rapid growth and change.

Nigeria Sells Yuan For First Time as It Deepens China Ties

The Central Bank of Nigeria sold yuan for the first time as it looks to boost commerce between China and Africa’s biggest oil producer and reduce the dominance of the dollar as a trading currency.

The unseen hand of China in Africa’s largest economy


Sometimes a throwaway sentence is more illuminating than it ought to be. A line in an article in Roads & Kingdoms in January about the Chinese in Lagos did just that. Near the end of the piece, the author wrote:

Naira/Yuan swap: A major Chinese footprint on Nigeria’s economy

Central Banks, the world over, have responsibility for ensuring that a nation’s currency reserves are held in instruments, which would protect the domestic value of income and savings. Indeed, every CBN Governor recognises this responsibility, but the actual spread of such holdings was never clearly defined, while the dollar remained the CBN’s choice currency”.

African Asians - 14 Phenomenal Photos Reveal There Were Indeed Black Chinese People

The Largest Population of Asians is Found in China The Largest population of Black People is Found in Nigeria 

China’s Revealing Spin on the ‘Sharing Economy’

For decades after its Communist revolution in 1949, China was known as “the kingdom of bicycles.” The one-speed Flying Pigeons that swarmed the streets were not simply a cheap mode of transportation. They were symbols of a shared aspiration. Along with a radio, a watch and a sewing machine, a bicycle was one of four possessions — known as sanzhuan yixiang, or “three rounds and sound” — that urban Chinese families felt they needed to be part of the modern world. By the time I joined the masses in 2001, cycling across Beijing for daily Mandarin classes, cars had begun to displace bicycles. Pedaling alongside my fellow commuters — students, workers, pensioners — I felt part of a communal experience that might soon be gone forever.
Guangzhou, China - African migrants have been arriving in Guangzhou, China's third largest city ever since the Chinese economic boom began in the late 1990s. 

Current estimates put their numbers anywhere from 20,000 to 200,000. The latter figure would place their population at almost two percent of Guangzhou's 13 million residents. In any event, Guangzhou's Africans constitute Asia's largest African community. The majority of them reside in a 10 square kilometre area in the central districts of Yuexiu and Baiyun locally known as "Chocolate City".

China: Setting Up a Web Presence in the World's Most Populous Nation

China represents a tremendous opportunity for online companies who can deliver a superior experience behind the "Great Firewall." Ecommerce sales in China are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020 and the $17.8 billion spent on Single's Day in 2016 dwarfs the $3.45 billion spent on the US equivalent, Cyber Monday. But digital experience management in China requires a different strategy.

This Ebook covers the challenges of setting up an online presence in China and practical tips for creating a monitoring strategy tailored to China to ensure smooth sailing once the site is live.

This Ebook on Performance in China:

• Stats and trends on the Chinese Market, including common myths
• Performance tips to achieve strong web performance in China
• Setting up a website performance monitoring strategy tailored to China
• Troubleshooting availability from China with Catchpoint

A Naija Guide to China

Have you ever been to China? Do you hope to visit the ‘Asian giant’ someday? Being one of the worlds potential superpowers with it’s impressive economic and political leaps in recent times, including an increasing presence in Africa, it is no surprise that China has become a viable tourist and trade destination for many Africans. Hence on Tuesday, when Sam Hart, a government official of Abia state shared photos and observations from his trip to China via a Twitter thread, Nigeria’s Twittersphere found it both interesting and insightful, and rightly so. Enjoy the thread below:

Sam Hart @hartng

A Thread of my observations from my travels to China to guide whoever is planning to visit. Disclaimer: I am no expert on China. Only been to 8 Cities in 4 visits. I am only sharing my own experience. Images mostly taken in Guangzhou, China. Lets go.
12:40 PM - Dec 12, 2017

Green Country. 1st thing you notice on arrival at any Chinese city is the deliberate attempt at greening perhaps to atone for their heavy carbon footprint. It's awesome sha.

Currency: Yuan or RMB. 1USD exchanged for 6.42RMB as at 10/12/17.

1RMB exchanges for N55.

All denominations 1,5,10,20,50,100 carry the face of Chairman Mao Zhedong.

This is the most common vehicle used for Taxis in Guangzhou. A 34.3Km Trip from the City Centre to the Airport cost 95RMB with additional 15RMB Toll Fee which passenger bears. Total: 110RMB x 55 = N6,050. Almost same as a Taxi drop from Lagos & Abuja Airports.