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Joyce Vincent was a 38-year-old woman from London with a family and friends. So why did it take over two years for people to realize she had died?
Joyce Vincent With Her Dog
Karaoke first hit the scene in the early 1970s after a Japanese musician recorded a tape of backing music for a wealthy businessman to sing along to with friends at a bar. Realizing how lucrative his idea could be, Daisuke Inoue designed the world’s first karaoke machine, Juke 8, and the rest is history.
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American politics has always been dominated by white males. And by dominated, I mean dominated. For the majority of U.S. history, our lawmakers have been almost exclusively white males, with only an occasional woman or person of color filling the highest decision-making roles in the land.
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Cross River mob roast 32-year-old lady in place of her boyfriend who allegedly stole motorcycle  
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Apple has fallen victim to the Asian contagion, according to CEO Tim Cook as sales in China plummeted.
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New York City has always been a place people flock to express themselves. Now, the city government has made it easier by getting out of the way and giving people greater freedom to express their gender identities.
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If you’re a woman, in some ways this might be the least surprising story you’ll see all day. But it’s still an important one that confirms some of the worst behavior patterns women around the world face when participating in activities most men can safely take for granted.
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In a live Instagram video she conducted today, footballer, John Mikel Obi’s Russian wife, Olga, revealed how they met and started dating.