A paragliding pilot d‌ie‌d while the tourist under his care suffered inj‌ur‌ie‌s after their paraglider snapped in mid-air during a flight in Kalimpong, West Bengal.

Indian tourist Gaurav Choudhary, who was using a selfie stick during the flight, captured the terrifying moment when they started plummeting to the ground after a harness strap of the glider broke midair.
Jackie Chan has opened up about his dark past in “Never Grow Up,” an explosive new memoir slated for release on Tuesday.

There is Now ‘Yakult-Flavored’ Soju

South Korean distiller Lotte Liquor is now selling yogurt soju.
A Scottish con-artist has allegedly been luring gullible women and men in Hong Kong with sweet words before taking away their valuables.
Scott Chen, the president of gay dating app Grindr, has backtracked on his recent comments on the issue of gay marriage after generating backlash from within the app’s own community.
“Crazy Rich Asians” cast member Awkwafina is set to star in a new, self-titled Comedy Central series alongside several other Asian American actors and actresses. 
A Japanese ad featuring a sa‌me-s‌‌e‌‌x kiss captured a gold award and a Grand Prix win in the prestigious Epica advertising awards.
United States President Donald Trump was recently one-upped on Twitter by an 18-year-old student from India on the topic of climate change.

Cafe in Japan Hires Paralyzed People to Control Robot Servers

A cafe with an all-robot staff controlled by paralyzed people has opened in Tokyo.

Saying East Asians Aren’t People of Color is Absolute BS

Confusion regarding the term “person of color” and where fair-skinned Asians fit in has always plagued the internet. While some suggest Asians are included in the term POC for their Asiatic features, others argue the fair skin-tone of East Asians is too close to the color of Caucasian skin to be considered “people of color.”
South Korea apologized for the atroc‌ities its military had committed against civilians during a pro-democracy uprising nearly four decades ago.

Japanese Man A‌tta‌‌cke‌d by a Wild Boar on His Way to Work

A Japanese man’s morning commute took an unexpected turn after he was at‌t‌ac‌ke‌d by a wild boar on his way to the local train station.